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Simon Bruntnell is a photographer, who has gained a reputation for the photographing of contemporary glass. 

Simon Bruntnell started, and is, in his own words ‘A jobbing commercial photographer’ who will work with any subject matter. But it’s been the last ten years that Simon has developed an understanding of glass. “Glass has been a very sharp learning curve for me no pun intended” The first person to walk through Simon’s door was Helen Millard a glass cameo artist while she was based at Broadfield Glass Museum as an artist in residence. “Helen was the first glass artist I worked for, it was an engraved sheet of glass for a music CD cover, If I remember rightly.” “ I remember spending hours cleaning it and I mean hours, once under the studio lights, glass will show up everything, everything you want, and don’t want.”  Then came, a trickle of artist’s, Jacky Cooley, Prof Keith Cummings, Susan Nixon. “I must have been doing something right, although I do cringe, a little when I look back at my earlier work, but I find that’s healthy”. “I never know what’s going to come through my door or where I will be asked to go, from full sized glass sheep with dummies or chasing chickens off my set in a barn in the middle of France photographing Czech glass, it all adds to an interesting life!


The photographic image of a work of art reaches a much wider audience than the physical piece itself. The relationship between the artist, the photographer, and their respective media is therefore a crucial one; doubly so when the artefact is formed from glass. The problems inherent in this most challenging of materials are many, the precise balance between reflected and transmitted light to name one.
Simon Bruntnell has during his career to date, developed into the specialist in this field bar none. The quality of his images is the result of an ability to work with the artist in developing an understanding of and approach to each object that has resulted in images that have been reproduced and deservedly appreciated worldwide.
His reputation has been established by word of mouth to the point where he is the simply the glass artist`s photographer of choice .

Prof Keith Cummings January 2011

Simon Bruntnell now works for clients, locally, nationally and internationally.

Simon Bruntnell
29 St Albans Works

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