Terri Colledge Cameo Glass

Terri Colledge, born in the heart of the glass making industry, West Midlands, originally trained as a ceramic enamel paintress for a local company. Her skills were instantly recognised and she was soon supervising other skilled painters and creating new designs. In 2000, she was invited to join Okra Glass, where she transferred her detailed painting skills onto glass. This new medium led her on a journey to revive a long lost technique called cameo engraving.

Originally inspired by 19th century cameo artist, George Woodall, she began to teach herself the forgotten techniques. Years of dedication and patience have allowed Terri to develop a unique style of carving and painting that is instantly recognisable. Her skill to combine beautiful imagery and intricate details to work in harmony with the form is unrivalled. Now regarded as a master in the art of glass decoration, Terri Colledge’s skilled work is collected and admired worldwide.





Terri Colledge
The Ruskin Glass Glass Centre

Wollaston Road Stourbridge


Mobile: 07748 881818

Tel Evening: 01902 672193

Email: terri_lc@yahoo.co.uk



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