Richard Golding at Station Glass

If Richard was a stick of rock the words through his middle would probably say Glassmaker. He has been involved with glass now for over 30 years since he set up Okra Glass in 1979 and opened his first studio at Lightwater Valley in North Yorkshire.

Richard is renowned for his efficient furnaces, glass recipes and designs, use of iridescence, reduction, colour and surface decoration.

In 2010 Richard left Okra and opened his new (the eighth) glass studio and first ever gallery in a Victorian Station building at the end of a preserved railway line in Shenton, Leicestershire.

The Station was far too small to fit in a traditional furnace, gloryhole and lehr. Richard worked with Merlyn Farwell of Pyelectronics to design and build a combined furnace, lehr and gloryhole, the COMBO. The COMBO is now run on electricity and makes glassmaking affordable and possible in a very small space.

Richard`s glass is highly collectible and features in museums, galleries and private collections around the world. Originally inspired by artist`s such as Carder, Galle, Daum and Tiffany, Richard`s work at the Station is pushing back the boundaries even further, with new pieces involving intricate layered, surface decoration, lampworking, cutting  and colour combinations.

Come and watch Richard work at the Station. Opening times are shown on the Station website

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