Rachael Montgomery

Rachael Montgomery BA


A proponent of ‘salvage’ fusion, Rachael Montgomery has explored the rejuvenation of historic bottles, texture treatments, and craft traditions in her passion to explore and push the boundaries in the treatment of glass.

Her collection features recycled, shredded and knotted ribbons top stitched in linen, cotton and silks that accentuate a tactile astuteness and a excitement for surface design.

Constantly searching, Rachael isn’t frightened of taking risks, experimenting with time consuming, unusual techniques. Her success can be credited to her eclectic mix of traditional fusing and mould making, that come together to create a distinctive style.

In creating a collection, Rachael enables the wearer to alter the tone of their clothing to complement their mood; but ultimately, Rachael believes that, ‘My designs are completed when they are worn.’


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Email: ragglebean@yahoo.co.uk

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