MARK TAYLOR AND DAVID HILL- Roman & Georgian Glassmakers

Mark and David specialise in making high quality reproductions of ancient Roman, Medieval and Eighteenth Century glass vessels for collectors, museums and the film industry.

Mark studied archaeology at Birmingham University before spending a further two years in field archaeology. He then trained for a year at the International Glass Centre, Brierley Hill where he benefitted from the expertise of Fred Bridges, Colin Gill and John Davies.


Mark’s interest in ancient and traditional glassworking techniques, particularly Roman glassmaking, developed further following the Glass of the Caesars exhibition at the British Museum in 1987, which showcased some of the finest Roman glass ever discovered.


In 1989 Mark set up his own glassmaking studio and in 1994 was joined by old school friend David Hill, a graphic artist and sculptor. Together they have explored the many ancient techniques of glassworking from several key periods in history. Their work provides a valuable insight into ancient working practices and is highly regarded by museums and collectors across the world.


In 2005, Mark and David built and ran a wood-fired furnace, based on Roman archaeology, as part of a major archaeological experiment funded by English Heritage. Their extensive research for this project and experimentation into the techniques involved in making authentic copies of Roman glass vessels has highlighted the incredible versatility of ancient craftsmen.


Mark is fascinated by Roman glass in particular as it represents the beginning of glassblowing, a period which led to the development of all the major decorative techniques used by today’s glass artists. Over the years they have worked on a wide variety of techniques including free blown, mould-blown, and fused and slumped mosaic glass. More recently they have concentrated on glass from other periods including ancient Egyptian core-formed vessels, English Medieval glass and Eighteenth Century drinking glasses. Their new and most recent venture focuses on Eighteenth Century glass – balusters, air twists and opaque twists, amongst others.


In their studio at Project Workshops, a vibrant centre for the visual arts near Andover, Hampshire, Mark and David produce a wide range of beautiful and historically accurate glass vessels for which there is an increasing interest and demand from private collectors, archaeologists and glass specialists from museums and galleries around the world. Their work has been featured on television programmes such as Time Team, What the Romans Did For us, Meet the Ancestors, and A History of Celtic Britain, and several Ridley Scott films including Gladiator,   Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood.

Mark and David also give glassblowing lessons and demonstrations at their studio.

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