Helen Slater

Helen Slater is based in South Northants and works with a range of Kiln formed glass casting and polishing processes.

Helen’s work is predominately figurative and she has worked on a varied range of commissions, both public and private. She carries out this work in addition to exhibiting nationally and internationally. In the past Helen has designed and produced large scale outdoor pieces for Burghley House Sculpture Garden, Lincolnshire and the Radcliffe Hospital Trust, Oxford. By contrast she has also produced studio glass annual awards for CIPFA, the Cabinet Office and Price Waterhouse.


Within her current work she explores the notion of environment, whether this is her Home surroundings, Public Spaces, or the nature of our impact on the environments we encounters. She is particularly interested in our human relationship with different places, how we perceive spaces and bring our own personal resonance to them. This maybe the memories and emotional associations which relate to an event or happening, or the physical impact or traces we can leave on these places.


To capture these associations Helen creates her own glass environments or narratives which allude to these feelings. Each one-off piece of glass is hand modelled; cast and polished giving each piece a precious quiet elegance. These pieces all have a narrative association, suggesting the feelings and resonance of a particular place or setting which has been captured within the glass, giving them the airy ethereal quality of memories past.


Website: www.helenslaterglass.co.uk

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