Elliott Walker

Journey of Success

Having had no artistic education since GCSE level, Elliot’s decision to enrol at the International Glass Centre was viewed by his peers as both naive and adventurous.

Elliot though considered this as simply a change of professional focus. Having recently finished his studies at the University of Bangor in Psychology, he has emersed himself in world of glass, and now sees himself an aspiring glass artist of the future. Elliot often talks about the IGC being the finest place to gain the highest levels of technical knowledge, skills, know-how and practical advice.

After his first year of study at the IGC, he has secured a place on the Wolverhampton University on their MA Program in Glass as an applied art. It is Elliot’s intent is to develop his aesthetic as well as technical skills, whilst experimenting with the Graal technique. His work has grown in popularity as a saleable commodity, and he has now begun to exhibit blown and fused glass work at selected art and craft shows around the United Kingdom.





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