Jung Mikyoung








My recent works reflect my experiences of living abroad, from different landscapes to alternative cultures, and the way in which these experiences have affected me. I am aware that many people, through choice or necessity, no longer live in the country they would consider ‘home’. Consequently, I consider the themes of Diaspora and communication both relevant and poignant. My creative works encompass many different cultures, both Eastern and Western, and are inspired by events, landscape and encounters as seen through the eyes of a stranger, and on occasion an outsider.










I do believe that art has the ability to convey nuances that are often lost in translation when communicated linguistically, so my creative works are ideas that have been translated into a visual language that the viewer can empathise with. Through my work I try to convey the fact that despite cultural differences, there are vital behaviours and emotions that link all humans together. Working as an artist, she primarily works with kiln-formed glass work. She often combines kiln-formed glass with metals and other materials in her work. She likes to use other materials alongside glass to expand artistic horizons.


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