Glass Working Facilities at Wolverhampton

Picture of the Hot ShopWolverhampton has one of the largest Glass making Facilities in Europe with a vast range of equipment and resources available to students, giving them the opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques to realise their creative aspirations.

There is a Hot shop containing two Recuperated Pot Furnaces for Blowing and casting, supported by a range of Glory-holes and Lehrs. In addition we have an Automated Glass Press and Centrifuge, and one of Europe’s largest Sand Casting Kilns at 6 ft x 3 ft.

Picture of the Cold Processing RoomThe Cold Pro Room has the full range of Cutting and Polishing Lathes, Linishers, Flat-bed Grinders, Pillar Glass Core drill and Lapidary Saws, as well offering: a Diamond band Saw with 2 ft reach, 3 Vibrolap machines, and pneumatic hand grinders and engravers.

The Kiln room contains 18 Kilns, ranging in size from test to casting and architectural kilns of an Interior chamber in excess of 6 ft x 3 ft.

To support this we share with the Ceramics department a large Mould Making workshop providing facilities to realise forms in Plaster, Wax and Thermo-set Rubber which then can be taken into Refractory Castable moulds for casting and slumping.

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