Stuart Garfoot

Stuart Garfoot - Brainwave (large vessel) (photo by Simon Bruntnell)Stuart Garfoot has an MA in Glass from the Royal College of Art and a BA in Glass and Ceramics from Stourbridge College of Art and Design. He has taught in glass departments at the Royal College of Art, Edinburgh College of Art and Design, the Kent Institute at Farnham and Plymouth College of Art and Design.

He has acted in an advisory capacity in helping to set up and establish new glass programmes and facilities in Johannesburg SA, at Tsinghua University Beijing and at Shanghai University China.

Stuart is an artist/designer and technical glass expert with previous experience designing for industry; working for Rosenthal Glass and Thomas Glass in Germany. He has also been a consultant to Waterford Crystal in Ireland, developing strategic glass to metal designs.

Stuart-Garfoot - Ice Chi Family (photo by Simon Bruntnell)

Stuart is a former student and current colleague of Professor Keith Cummings. With Cummings’ retirement he has taken on the techniques of the research group’s rediscovery of pate(s)-de-verre glass methods. Stuart is also a recognized glass artist which national and international exhibitions.

Garfoot’s research seeks to extend and develop the range of artistic expression in glass,  through the development of new relationships between conventional processes and emergent technique and technology.

Garfoot is expert in a variety of processes and specializes in the innovative combination of those processes, integrating glass-blowing and kiln-casting with centrifugal casting, and the techniques used to achieve opacity/transparency which is characteristic of the pate(s)-de-verre methods.


  • Garfoot, S. (2006) Strata, Ice Chi, Ice Trumpets. Made in the Middle, 2006/7, M.A.C Craftspace Mixed Media Touring Exhibition. Rugby Art Gallery and nine other Midland venues
  • Garfoot, S. (2006) Strata (x3). Out of Darkness, British Glass Biennale, Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge, UK
  • Garfoot, S. (2004) Brainwave. centrifugally cast forms. Out of Darkness, British Glass Biennale, Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge, UK
  • Garfoot, S. (2005) Poseidon’s Paradise. Luniverre Gallery, Paris, France


* Both artworks photographed by Simon Bruntnell.

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